Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Title Company?

A title company is a business that searches, examines and insures real estate titles.  We investigate the public records to verify ownership in real estate and to assure a purchaser or lender that title is free of title flaws that could adversely affect ownership.  We search various county, state and federal offices, including the Register of Deeds, County Treasurer, Register of Probate and Clerk of Circuit Courts, along with web sites such as the Wisconsin Circuit Court Docket, Wisconsin Child Support Lien Docket, the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions and the Federal Terrorist sites.  When title flaws are discovered, we work to clear up these issues, never losing sight of our ultimate mission: to protect the consumer.

In addition to performing title research, we also are in the business of closing real estate and loan transactions.  Our closers obtain loan pay-offs on existing mortgages, clear judgments, pay or pro-rate taxes, search for special assessments and / or association dues and order all documents necessary to complete the transaction.

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